• 3W E14 Base LED Ceramic Spotlight LED Ceramic Light Blub Lamp (20 Watt Halogen Bulbs Replacement)- YK-S-31C-E14-X
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3W E14 Base LED Ceramic Spotlight LED Ceramic Light Blub Lamp (20 Watt Halogen Bulbs Replacement)- YK-S-31C-E14-X

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Product Description

3W E14 LED Ceramic Spot light led light bulb    



Light Source Color

Warm White Pure White

Luminous flux


Lighting source

3*1W high power LED

Power Supply

built-in constant current

Input Voltage (V)

AC 85-250 v

Power (W)

3W in all

Screw Specification


Shipping Weight

0.25 kg


Ra >75%




NEW! LED Ceramic Spot Light ! New Ceramic  LED Spotlight using high lumens LEDs to create a super bright output light bulb. Great for indoor or outdoor spot light applications. Low power use, no heat, longer life span.



LED Ceramic Spot Light Advantage:

  • 1.Protection from heat, shock, abrasion;                                
  • 2. Protection from acid and alkali;                                  
  • 3. Fast heat conduction, insulation is not conductive.                             
  • 4. Anti-magnetic, resistant to moisture;                                   
  • 5. No corroision, no rust, no mildew;                      
  • 6. Availabe at the high temperature conditions, can pass 4000 Voltage high test for Europe.


  • High Brightness E14 LED Spotlight LED Bulb
  • Environmental protection
  • Saves Power (only 3 watt, 5% of the average 20 watt bulb)
  • Many applications in Home/Business
  • Uses normal US sockets such as any other 100 watt bulb
  • 20X the lifetime of a normal bulb while saving you energy!


● Indoor lighting(Replacement bulbs for general lighting);
● Lighting source for museums, art galleries, cosmetic counters whtere UV or IR radiation is undesirable.
● Spot lighting
● Architectural lighting
● Accent lighting
● Machine vision
● General illumination
● Display cases

3W E14 LED Spot Light Replace up to 20W

OkledLights LED spot lights offer up to 220 lumens. The cool white LED spotlight puts out 240 lumens and the warm white generates 240 lumens. Both LED E14 spot lights consume only 3 watts of energy! These LED spot lights replace any household 110W incandescent/halogen bulb and can save you up to 90% energy savings!

E14 LED Spot Lights have Great Using Range and Energy Saving.

These 3W LED spot lights replace up to 20W conventional spot lights with a E26 and E14 medium screw base . These E14 lamps are designed for installation in standard North American screw-in sockets. This bulb can be used in LED recessed lighting, LED ceiling lights, enclosed LED landscape lighting, and other LED home light and LED office lighting applications.

Several Beam Angles for LED Spot Light Applications

These LED spot lights are available in a 60 degree beam angle for general purpose wide-spot and narrow-flood applications. 15 and 30 degree LED spot lights are available by special order, call if interested. These high power LED spot lights offer maximum heat dissipation with state of the art aluminum sacked-fin technology. This bright LED PAR38 is available in warm white, natural white, day white and commercial white color temperatures for your everyday needs. Aluminum heat sink, No UV or RF interference, advanced heat sink and optical diffuser, longer life than CFL, incandescent & fluorescents. No mercury, no ballast required, wide voltage and constant current design, solid state, high shock & vibration resistant, Mercury free, savings in energy consumption, quiet, no noise, no flickering, The products are in accordance with CE and UL testing standards.

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