• TM1628 LED board driver IC(2000pcs/lot)
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TM1628 LED board driver IC(2000pcs/lot)

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TM1628 is a memory mapping LED driver control circuit with keyboard scan interface. Its internal integration has special MCU digital interface, data latches, high-voltage LED driver, 8.0 gray regulating circuit,  internal RC oscillation, internal has power on reset circuit and low voltage reset circuit, keyboard scan circuit. The segment and grid of this chip can make out 13*4 or 10*7 by software to adapt to different Led display screen. It also can change the gray brightness according to the different occasions to reduce power dissipation. The chip is high-quality and reliable. Its encapsulation is sop28. 




Status display for Kitchen household such as microwave oven, induction cooker and water heater.
Industry device meter display



1. 10seg*7grid.

2. 70 matrix.

3. 10*2 key-press identification. 


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